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"Sportive, enthusiastic, studious, photography, unique view & problem solving. That‘s me!"

Hi, nice to see you on my portfoliosite! I‘m Menno, an 21 year old interaction designer from Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands. In 2012 I graduated from pre-university secondary education, and made the decision to study communication & mulitimedia design at The Hague University. User experience design, Interaction design, Developing (html/css/js/jQuery) and communication strategies are the keywords for my study. I‘m really enjoying that at the moment!

I‘ve completed several projects for (small) businesses, designed and developed an Android app for an highschool, and built websites for a denturist and schoolphotographer. And don‘t forget the school projects! Find out the results below!

I‘m really busy with my school and projects, but I‘m also sportif; playing tennis, longboarding and running are some of my favorites. I also do play piano and keyboard. I‘ve also got a mirror reflex camera, so I could say i‘m a photographer too!

If you‘d like me to work for you, or have a project you need help with, feel free to contact me!


As an enthusiastic interaction designer I've succesfully delivered several projects to the full satisfaction of my customers. Is your idea the next one on this list? Ask me here !

Highschool Groene Hart Lyceum

Target audience: 11-18 year old highschool students

Students were disappointed in the bad system of their school: school dropouts were publiced at a website, a different website has got their timetables, and to write notes they had to write an email.
I developed a solution for that, I made one app with all the functionalities in just one: view their dropouts, their standard time table, and a possibility to take notes - in just one click. I used Java to develop this app. Almost 200 daily users!


See it here!

Finished 2012


Target audience: mothers of babies, age 23-40

Plof.nl is a small business in the Netherlands, which sells nice products for children with a '2014-look', like nice stickers, cuddle toys and birth annoucements. The former website wasn't very user-friendly, and didn't communicate the perfect atmosphere.
My design solved both problems. A user friendly navigation was made, including a great atmosphere. I used a doodle-design, because that communicated an hand-made design, which is the same as the products. This project was made using photoshop and illustrator.


Not online:(

May 2013

Jarwa Webdesign

Target audience: small business owners

I'm really enjoying designing interfaces. At a certain moment I discovered there were many small businesses, with outdated websites, or even without any! In my opinion this was a shame, because potential customers were lost at this point. With a proper website, the business could get a higher conversion and more customers overall. That's why I started my own webdesign business.
This website was sketched, designed, and built, using Photoshop, Illustrator, html, css & javascript.



January 2014

Redesign Portfolio

Target audience: future employers & internships

The world keeps moving on, so are the people. People improve their capabilities, and I enjoyed designing more and more! Since I'd like an awesome internship, I need to work for that. That made me to redesign my portfolio, mainly my projects-showcase. I decided to use larger thumbnails, and use photography in combination with my projects. Made using illustrator & Sketch app.
It'd be great to hear what your opinion is!


Online soon!

April 2014

Energy consumption infographic

Target audience: citizens of The Hague

In this school project we were provided with datasheets about the energy consumption of The Hague. Datasheets with a lot of numbers don't communicate a story, and most people experience them as boring.
To solve this problem I designed an interactive infographic. Data was presented as a tree, and interesting details were called for several districts. This was all designed in Illustrator, and became interactive using InVisionApp.



April 2014

Support for mentally retarded

Target audience: clients of day care Ipse de Bruggen

Ipse de Bruggen is a non-profit organization where mentally retarded people go to day care, and perform different 'jobs'. Depending on the difficulty, step-by-step-cards are available to perform a task. Those books are clumsy, and are lost most of the time. Furthermore, on every department there are schedules who performes which task.
We developed an all-in-one solution for this: an application where they can start their current task, or they can see their daily scheme. An mentor-portal is essential with our concept, since every person has is own tasks & preferences.



April 2014


I've done a lot of things in my life. Some were crucial for my future, like getting in touch with a camera for example. Discover my history - and my future, but watch out: that could be dangerous, travelling in time!

days old!

Gameboy Advance

I received my first Gameboy Advance for my 7th birthday. I didn't leave him alone for a minute. Start of my electronic interest? Who knows, maybe it is the truth...
New Job

Starting as an Apple Profession at Apple Premium Reseller iCentre. I've learned 1001 things about the perfect usability from Apple, and discovering customers needs!

After 6 years of hard work I graduated from pre-university secondary highschool. Great to see how much you've learned in that 6 years!
Started CMD

After my highschool I decided to study Communication & Multimediadesign at The Hague university. Never made such a good decision!
Award winner!

Out of 120 first year students, this portfolio was chosen as winner during the final presentations. The Jury consisted of Tam Tam, Fabrique & DPI Animation house.

Time flies when you're having fun, so it is with my study. Year one is already finished, where I received my propaedeutics with a cum-laude mark: 8/10. Me gusta!
Founding Jarwa Webdesign

I really enjoyed my study, and discovered that many small businesses didn't have a (proper) website. That made me make the decision to start my own webdesign business: Jarwa Webdesign.


My big friend is my Canon 600D, we've shared a lot of great moments together. I've followed a 3-months Minor on Photography, and published this book . An impression of my photography is available here!


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